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…on a mission to 86 the silence

We are here to provide you with education, events, sessions and activities on all aspects of mental, physical and financial health inside of the hospitality industry.

Our Non-Exec Team

Our team of non-executive directors?
Well, we’re not just any team – we’re a vibrant mix of passionate hospitality enthusiasts hailing from every nook and cranny of the industry. With a treasure trove of experience and a contact app full of some of the coolest connections, our mission is clear: to steer “So Let’s Talk” to its brightest potential and make it the go-to place in the hospitality space.

Think of us as your one-stop shop for engaging education, insightful sessions, and interactive activities all geared towards promoting mental, physical, and financial well-being within the bustling world of hospitality. And it’s not a solo journey!

We’re joining forces with fellow hospitality lovers, innovative businesses, dynamic groups, and other organizations. Plus, we’re tapping into the brains of some top-tier experts from health, nutrition, fitness, and even beyond.

Our aim? To craft the perfect custom solutions that resonate with everyone who’s got a foot in, or is just plain passionate about, the ever-evolving hospitality landscape. So, come on in, and let’s make waves together!


Paddy Howley

Yes you beautiful people I’m paddy the founder of SLT (I’m not one for titles but it’s necessary for this stuff)

My roles pretty all encompassing but the majority of my time will be spent bringing on new partners to work with and taking every opportunity to speak to people about our mission to ‘86 The Silence’

What We Do.

– Education

Education is at the core of what we do. We provide practical advice and inspiration through workshops, seminars, custom-tailored training plans, our website and social media.

– Events

To get people active, we run a variety of events including our signature workshops, weekly classes including yoga and live workouts, as well as bespoke programs for brands.

– Growth

We work directly with hospitality outlets and brands to assist in implementing health and wellness programs leading to healthier teams and a more profitable business.

– Challenges & Projects

We do a number of challenges throughout the year to raise awareness and funds for the work that we do for the industry

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SLT Won Outstanding Achievement Award for 2022

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Mar ’22

About Your Own Training

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