So Lets Talk is a not-for-profit platform with a mission to 86 the silence.
We exist to provide education, events, training and activities on all aspects of mental, physical and financial health inside of the hospitality industry.

Working with hospitality focused individuals, businesses, groups, and organisations along with renowned experts from the fields of Mental Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Finance and beyond. We develop bespoke solutions for the specific needs of those who operate in or with the hospitality industry.

My name is Patrick Howley and I spent well over a decade in the hospitality industry. Working my from a glass collector in a working mens club in Burnley, to being lucky enough to GM some of the most beautiful sites around the North West. I earned my stripes in the industry and while doing so, fell into a destructive cycle of long hours, no sleep, poor nutrition, high alcohol consumption and recreational drug use.

The the idea for ‘So Lets Talk‘ came about after, what was for probably the 86th time I had 86’d myself from the trade.

The decision came from not having an avenue for help during the last decade and it was time to create one. An off the cuff post to the Manchester Bars Page created an overwhelming response and my phone blew up.

I knew I wasn’t alone feeling like this. It was then i knew ‘So Lets Talk‘ had to happen.