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Providing Mental, Physical & Financial Health
Sessions to Hospitality Professionals

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So Let’s Talk is an organisation on a mission to 86 the silence.

We are here to provide you with education, events, sessions and activities on all aspects of mental, physical and financial health inside of the hospitality industry.

Working with hospitality-focused individuals, businesses, groups, and organisations along with renowned experts from the fields of health, nutrition, exercise and beyond, we develop bespoke solutions for the specific needs of those who operate in or with the hospitality industry.

We have been lucky enough to work with an extensive number of partners in the UK hospitality scene, running out our sessions out to their teams and helping them grow.

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SLT Sessions

We chat about our 6 Pillars. The areas that resonate with teams the most when discussing their future growth. We listen to understand, not to respond.
With that understanding, we will then provide you with what you want, not what we think you need

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