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// 001 Intro Sessions

The Pillars of Health

Our core session at So Let’s Talk. 

 We chat about all things Body, Brain, and Bank Account.

We also do a full session on each one of the pillars so your teams can choose what resonates with them for future growth.

Creating Opportunities,
Not Worries

This anonymous session is where we initiate a conversation with your teams by asking questions about you and your business.

We listen to understand, not to respond. With that understanding, we will then provide you with what you want, not what we think you need

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// 002 The SLT Pillars

// 003 Management

The Business of Health

Teams are the biggest asset to any hospitality business. This session shows the importance of a healthy, happier team to a profitable and successful business.

Healthy Operations

A practical session on how to implement health and wellness programs into the daily operations of your business.

Empowering Managers

An hour-long session for Managers to understand how to and the benefits of prioritising their own wellbeing.

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