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As far as I’m concerned the most beneficial aspect of drinking coffee is how it has become such a fantastic way for us to connect. It helps us connect with each other and with ourselves. It’s brings us together on a social level, but also for me, it helps me take some time for myself. I take some time a few times a day to make a coffee and that time for coffee is that time for me.

However, as well as the fact that coffee tastes awesome…(especially Extract Coffee Roasters coffee) what would you say if I were to tell you that I can list another 10 potential health benefits of drinking the juicy black stuff?? Well, Jerry Short, a freelance journalist and writer has done some pretty fascinating research…

– High in Antioxidants
– Reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes
– Coffee with ibuprofen is more effective
– Improves energy – and memory recall
– Coffee can help break down body fats
– High in nutrients
– Caffeine improves physical performance
– Lower risks for Liver and Bowel Cancer
– Lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
– May lower risk of Parkinson’s Disease

“The primary reason that most of us consume coffee is that as well as having a great taste, it contains the stimulant, caffeine, which is the most consumed psychoactive substance in the world. We crave it. That’s what the yearn for coffee in the morning is all about. It’s your body’s way of telling you to feed your caffeine addiction as soon as possible.With that in mind, it is comforting to know what else it is doing for us, apart from quenching our addiction”. – Jerry Short.

You can read all about Jerry’s health benefits here and for the cynics amongst you, it’s all backed up with fact checkers. Great work Jerry!! 


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