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We asked ourselves… “How can we shine a light on the work we do on the mental, physical and financial health of hospitality professionals, whilst still keeping it ‘SLT’?”

Well… VOILÀ!

Our marketing team (AKA Rachel, we only have the one. It just sounded fancy…) had the shit hot idea of working with a local artist to create murals in the city, spreading our message and the work we do to support the hospitality industry. So, we did what we do best (we think) and initiated a conversation with all of the hospitality folk in Manchester via ‘The Manchester Bars Page’ to ask for a space to work on. It didn’t take long for Si, the owner of Noho, to offer us six shutters in Stevenson Square. What a fucking good egg.

With an artist already in mind, we reached out to Shawn aka Good Good Graffiti to bounce around ideas and designs. Or in other words, Shawn telling us what we should do and him drawing it all up. We decided upon ‘SECS’ which is the introductory session that we run at So Lets Talk. It stands for SLEEP, EAT, CONNECT and SWEAT. It has quickly become our signature offering and something that has provided a huge amount of support to our industry.

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We couldn’t do this on our tod. We needed financial support to bring our vision to life and who better to work with than this group of absolute legends…

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We’re not ones for blowing our own trumpet, but we’re pretty fucking happy with how this project has turned out. So much so, that we’ve decided to do it in every major city in the UK (to start). We don’t do things by halves. We hope you enjoy the art as much as we do and that the message resonates with you.

Big shout out to Shawn at Good Good Graffiti for the incredible artwork and Nathan at Sic Shot Visuals for the videos and photography.

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Big Love
The SLT Team.

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