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20% of people in the UK don’t drink alcohol. 

There are a variety of reasons; health, religion, pregnancy, taste etc. So, why do we still have a negative attitude about it?

“Teetotallers are bad for business”
The argument is, why would I want to serve a £1.50 ginger ale when I could serve a £10 Gin Martini in the same time? This would be a good point but now we are blaming our guest for the fact that there are no super premium non-alc options on the menu.

The rang of super premium options out there are getting better and better. A personal favourite is Lyre’s Spirit Co that are designed to sub indirectly into cocktail menus.

Mocktails are a faff and taste bad
Well firstly you are calling them mocktails, so no wonder people aren’t taking them seriously. Also, if you carelessly slinging ‘jungle juice’ across the bar that anybody could make, then no wonder people don’t care. 

The idea is for drinks to be crafted and flavour led.

Low ABV means less flavour
Couldn’t be further from the truth. Have you ever drank pure ethanol? Yeah me neither (well…once but we don’t talk about that).

All lo & no options are terrible
This may have been closer to the truth 15 years ago but it is 2021. The options around mindful drinking are better than ever. We have mentioned Lyres already but some other favourites include Crosship and Big Drop Brewery.

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