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I recently finished a book called “My Year of living Danishly” by Helen Russel. 

It opened my eyes to the world of Denmark and how, despite bitterly cold winters & some of the highest tax rates in the world, they are billed as the happiest country on Earth.

The concept that fascinated me is called Hygge (pronounced as a deep “who-goo”). It would roughly translate as the happiness found in cosiness. Here are my tips for finding some serenity in the modern world:

Bring the outside indoors
Surrounding ourselves with natural ingredients like wood, stone and leather brings us closer to nature.

Keep the hot drinks flowing
My particular beverage of choice is Tea. The benefits are huge and particularly on a cold morning, a hot brew is a perfect way to start the day.

Set the Table – EAT
Eat at the table, with people and without the TV. Connection is a huge part and we encourage people to turn off the screens. Cook a fresh, hearty meal.

The world is full of distractions. Do less to appreciate more.

Head to the tub – SLEEP
Have a bath, raise your temp up, breath deep and relax. Reach for something soft.  Check that your bedsheets, clothes, blankets or whatever are soft and cosy. Sounds daft but…

Go natural
We are exposed to so much artificial light these days that it affects everything we do. Get some candles and get some natural light into your life. 

Get the f*ck outside – SWEAT
Go for a walk, stretch your legs and if you can get into nature. Shinrin-yoku – is the art of forest bathing and oddly enough Scotland was the first country to prescribe forest bathing as an actual remedy.  

Heat things up
Sounds obvious? Don’t sit in fucking cold.

Get sentimental – CONNECT
I have a box of memories that I keep under my bed. I rifle through them and keep the good memories flowing. It’s great to get in touch with the people that they remind you of. Get the connection back

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