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Decide what your goals are. 
Cutting back? Getting rid completely, a short break.

Address your habits.
The Habit Loop is Cue, Routine and Reward.
What are the cues? Boredom? Fear? Anxiety?
What’s the reward? A drink makes me feel better/less of the negative emotion I am feeling. 
What can I replace the routine with that has the same reward? Exercise? Meeting a friend? Playing computer games?

Make bad habits hard 
Move your booze out of your room/locked away, let someone look after it for a while. Make a budget for your shopping list for the week and allow yourself some booze but not a lot. If you’ve been free pouring half a barrel of Scotch everytime you have a drink – USE A FUCKING JIGGER to regulate your consumption.

Get an accountability partner
Someone you can call when you are feeling like you are going to cave. Pick the right one; your best friend tends to be a bad choice as you are picking someone like you. If you both sack off the new routine at the first available opportunity then you have the wrong partner. The best is actually a manager, someone you have respect for in a position of authority that you dont want to let down (as well as yourself obviously). Set boundaries and see how they can help you

Club Soda
One of the best tools for addressing our consumption. I was fortunate to be a part of their mindful drinking festival over the summer. A bunch of like-minded individuals that want to promote mindful and healthy drinking. Without all the wankiness.

Don’t let other people dictate how you feel
There are 2 types of people that can fuck right off…
Those who don’t drink that talk down to others that do drink. You aren’t ‘woke’, everyone thinks you are a prick.
Even worse those that inflict their toxic bravado on others to drink excessively to fit in. Just because you think you need alcohol to have fun, doesn’t mean others do.
How do I know this? I have been both these people in the past and I cringe looking back.

Alcohol-free alternatives
OK, let’s be honest, af used to be a minefield of bland wrapped in mediocrity. But it’s 2021 There is some tasty shit out there. The idea is flavour led over ABV led.

2 of our favourites are Lyres Spirit Co. which have the best range of products designed to swap directly in and out of your menu and Big Drop Brewing Company. An amazing core range and seasonal specials that are amazing.

If you think you have a problem, the first step is accepting it. I kid myself for years that my drinking wasn’t a big deal and under control. Kidding myself that 70 units a week was normal.

Track your alcohol consumption for a week and see how you are getting on. It is proven that the simple act of tracking consumption increases our awareness and makes us more likely to turn down a drink



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